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Review of WIPS Global Advanced by Intellogist

Most famous international community of patent information, Intellogist (www.intellogist.com) by Landon IP has reviewed WIPS Global Advanced.

è  Search, Analysis and Alerts & Personalization are reviewed as unique features of WIPS Global Advanced service as follows;

  • Search services
    • Error checking for queries (including using past queries to check the current query)
    • Search based on family information, citation information, or company information
    • Patent classification tags - users can classify results according to their relevance
    • Patent classification code table which includes IPC, UPC, FI/F-term and ECLA at a glance
  • Analysis services
    • A structural visualization of the differ entiation of attributed claims
    • Citation relationship and visual mode
    • Compare between claims and bibliographic data of family documents
    • Visualization of statistical analysis data.
  • Alerts and Personalization
    • Extended SDI service
    • Personalization options for search/output

è  All the intensified search functions- Integrated Search, Step Search, Advanced Search, Number Search, Family Search, Citation Search, Company Search- have been posted in detail.

è  All the analysis functions including SmartAngle, which is an analysis tool that analyzes the selected patents based on a variety of chosen criteria is also posted with its various options- Chart Analysis, Cross Matrix, Classification

è  A list of options for alerts and personalization are introduced as well

  • My Folder - View saved patents (under the Patent Folder tab), view and re-run saved queries (under "Query Folder"), and view previous queries conducted through various search menus (under "Query History").
  • SDI - View your SDI queries and results.
  • My Page - View download history, point usage history, post inquiries to receive answers from a WIPS representative, change your personal information, change the password, or cancel membership.
  • Help - View an index for all sections of the online manual, view a FAQ section, and view the latest news on the system. Phone numbers for the help desk are also available.

Full review of Intellogist can be found at http://www.intellogist.com/wiki/WIPS_Global_ADVANCED

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WIPS Global Advanced

Here is the third party review of WGA from respected Patent Search & Analysis Firm : Intellogist

WIPS Global Advanced

Korean Patent News - “Galaxy legend”申请美国商标, 是Galaxy S3 吗 ?

最近,新闻报导称三星电子以' Galaxy legend '之名在美国进行商标注册。在美国,有人推测这个是不是即将销售的 Galaxy S3

19日表示,最近,三星电子向美国专利局对 “Galaxy legend”“Galaxy matrix “Galaxy velvet”三个Galaxy产品群进行了商标申请。



Korean Patent News - 'ギャラクシー レジェンド'アメリカ商標申し込み、ギャラクシー S3 ?

新聞記事によると、サムスン電子が'ギャラクシ レジェンドという名前でアメリカ商標登録をしたらしい。アメリカで販売されるギャラクシ S3の名前ではないかという推測が出ている。

サムスン電子が最近アメリカ特許庁に'ギャラクシ レジェンドを初め、'ギャラクシ メトリックス ギャラクシベルベット等三つのギャラクシー製品群の商標申請をしたと19日に明かしました。

サムスン電子は“確かに商標申請はしていて、海外では スマトフォンモデル名に敏感なケースが多くて国内でリリースされる製品と名前が違う可能性がある”と述べているが、特許庁に商標出願を申請して登録されるまでは時間がかかる点を考えると今販売されているモデルの別の名前というより今年度下期あるいは来年度に発売される新製品の名前ではないかと推測できます。

ギャラクシーに見合うブランドネを続くのはわかりますが、, ‘レジェンドという名前は以前HTCの商品名の一つでしたし、実際に販売もされたため、使用できるのどうかは疑問であります。

Korean Patent News - Galaxy Legend

Samsung filed U.S trademark applications for “Galaxy Legend”, the Galaxy S3?

According to recent newspaper articles, Samsung Electronics “Galaxy Legend” applied for a new trademark at the USPTO(United States Patent and Trademark Office). There is already speculation that it is the name of the Galaxy S3 to be sold in the U.S.

On 19th , Samsung Elctronics has announced that the most recent three names registered by them are the Galaxy Legend, Matrix and Velvet. They said, “It is true that the trademark has been applied. But, in terms of overseas market, it is so keen at new model name of smart phones that may be different from the domestic names.” However, considering the time delay between filing a trademark application and registering it, it is presumably likely to be the new model’s name for the launch in the second half of this year or next year.

However, there is still a question about whether the name “Legend” is willing to be used considering that “Legend” was the HTC model’s name and has been sold actually. Nevertheless, it is understandable that it has followed the Galaxy brand name.

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Korean Patent News - 来自韩国专利局报导资料

专利局提供国内各种的专利相关政策和报导资料等多种信息并指出最近申请关于LCD(液晶显示屏: Liquid Crystal Display)用反射型偏光片相关领域的专利正在增加


从反射型偏光片的技术类申请现状来看其中以避免多层型DBEF的专利(3M)nano ware grid12152%为主,“cholesteric 液晶型4218%),“双折射聚合物分散型3515%),“多层型或者其他构成3414%)。

Korean Patent News - 特許庁報道資料から見た韓国特許のニュース

特許庁ではさまざまな国内特許関連政策と報道資料等の多様な情報を提供していて最近 LCD(液晶 ディスプレー: Liquid Crystal Display)用反射型偏光フィルム(Reflective Polarizer)関連分野で特許出願が増えていると明かした。




反射型偏光フィルムの技術別出願現況は、多層型DBEFの特許(3M)を回避できるナノワイヤ グリッド型121(52%)で主となって、コルレステリック液晶型42(18%),複屈折ポリマ分散型35(15%),多層型またはその他構成34(14%)を占めている。